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Visitors can go to Omalos using the buses of Public Bus of Chania-Rethymnon that follow the route Chania-Omalos. The famous plateau of Omalos is 38 km away from the city of Chania. It is surrounded by the high peaks of the White Mountains at an altitude of 1040-1250 meters.From the location Xyloskalo at 1,250 meters high, starts the path for passage of the famous worldwide Samaria gorge.





Visitors can go to Therisos using the buses of Public Bus of Chania-Rethymnon that follow the route Chania-Therisos. Therisos is a picturesque and historic village, built on the foothills of the White Mountains. Located within 16 km from the city of Chania. It is famous for its endless battles of the inhabitants against the Ottoman conquerors. It is worth visiting the village to feel the warm hospitality and savor the rich traditional Cretan cuisine at countless taverns.Visitors will enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and especially the impressive gorges along the river while crossing the road from Chania to Therisos. Driving on this road is an enjoyable and memorable experience for visitors. For further information:



Visitors can go to Vryses using the buses of Public Bus of Chania-Rethymnon that follow the route  Chania-Heraklion. Vryses is a traditional village located 30 kilometers southeast of the city of Chania. It is a beautiful village located in a valley full of trees, lush vegetation and running waters. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature and taste traditional Cretan cuisine in taverns. It is also worth visiting the surrounding villages such as Fre,Vafe, Emprosnero, Alikambos and Maza which keep alive the traditional way of life of the Cretans. The original picture of the village and the exceptional hospitality of the residents are the characteristics that can captivate the visitor.



Argiroupolis is a village southwest of Rethymno within 21km.It is a picturesque village of rich natural beauty.A characteristic feature is the ancient architectural pieces that decorates the houses. The village is known for its historical importance because here was declared the union of Crete with Greece. As in other villages of the hinterland so in Argiroupolis guests enjoy a cool natural environment along with traditional Cretan dishes and Cretan hospitality.



Visitors can go to the Botanical Park using the buses of Public Bus of Chania-Rethymnon that follow the route  Chania-Botanical Park. The Botanical Park is one of the newest and most impressive sights of Crete for visitors of all ages. Located at the foothills of the White Mountains at a distance of 18 km from the city of Chania. The park covers an area of 200 acres and is full of fruit trees from all over the world, herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants in a park where the configuration of the terrain and the microclimate make it a paradise for hundreds of plants and animals. Apart from the interesting tour through the nature trails, the park visitors can enjoy food or coffee in the restaurant which was certified with the "mark of quality of Cretan cuisine" of prefectural company "Cretan Quality Agreement." Further information about the park can be found on the official website 

Botanical Park


Visitors can go to Kournas Lake using the buses of Public Bus of Chania-Rethymnon that follow the route Chania-Kournas. Kournas Lake is the only freshwater lake in Crete. Located 47 km away from Chania in an idyllic location in a cavity between imposing hills.The lake is ideal for an afternoon stroll or a short tripThe scenery is relaxing and the lake is ideal for swimming or pedaloThe particularity of this lake is that, depending on the season, the color and the  size change, as claimed by residents.

Kournas Lake


Visitors can go to Limnoupolis using the buses of Public Bus of Chania-Rethymnon that follow the route  Chania-Limnoupolis. The Water Park Limnoupolis is located 8km from the city of Chania. It is located in a green area full of exciting water games. Everyone can have fun with the countless watergames and relax at the cafeteria and restaurant afterwards.For more information:




The Tombs of Venizelos are located in a great area on the hill of Prophetes Elias , 5km from the city of Chanion.It is surrounded by a green park with colorful flowers, tall trees and paved floors. The elements that provide uniqueness in the area are the panoramic view of the city of Chania combined with the endless blue sea. Visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing views and idyllic sunset while drinking his coffee in the cafe located close.



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