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Τρίτη - 26 Σεπ. 2017 12:24

Directions for use


In Home page the user can navigate to the Main Menu of the website of our company in whichever language he prefers.


In Company the user will find general information about the history (History), the profile of our company (Profile) and  our bus fleet (Fleet). He can also be informed about the annual financial statements of the company (Financial Information).


In Timetables  there are PDF files with all the daily bus routes departing from Chania,Rethimnon,Kasteli and the routes from and to Thessaloniki and Ioannina which appear and printing by clicking on the link "here".Furthermore,the visitors have the ability to choose the departure station (Station Selection),the destination (Select Destination) and the date that they want to carry out their itinerary.After clicking on the Show Routes button, on the right, the user can see the timetable of the itinerary that he has chosen. This timetable can be printed. In Tickets Pricelists the user can be informed about the indicative prices of the tickets for some destinations (the pricelists can be printed by clicking the link "here"). In Send Parcels there are information about the prices of the unaccompanied parcels and our contact numbers of the warehouses of Public Bus Service in Chania, Rethymnon and Heraklion for further information. In Online Tickets Reservation the user can publish his personal ticket by selecting the departure station (Select Station), the destination station (Select Destination), the date that he wants to travel (Select Date) and the number of seats that he wants to reserve on the bus (Select Seats).After clicking on the Continue button,  the timetable appears on the right. He selects the desired time by choosing the corresponding circle and clicking on the Reserve button.After filling in the personal data, the ticket is sent in PDF format to the user's  email address,  who is required to submit his electronic bus ticket on his departure day.It must be emphasized that there is no possibility ,at least for now, to publish tickets by our website for routes departing from Heraklion.


Privacy notice,Terms of Use and Instructions for use are available to the public.

Photo Gallery

In Photo Gallery the visitor of the website can be browsed in the history of Buses through historical photographs (Historical Photos), photos of our current bus fleet (Our Fleet now) and photographs of the interior of the modern stations in Chania and Rethymno (Photos of Stations) .

Tourist Guide

In Crete there are  information about the island of Crete (About Crete) and more specifically about its sights (Sights) such as, the Cretan cities (Cities) , the coastal areas (Coastal Areas) , the inland villages (Hinterland Villages),the  archaeological sites , museums and monasteries (Archaeological Sites - Museums - Monasteries) . In (Useful Information) there are useful links related to Crete which can be visited by the user.Furthermore the visitor of our website can enjoy the beauties of Crete through exciting Videos.Hotels in Crete.


In News the user can find announcements which are related to our company. In Announcements of new Routes the visitor of our website can be informed about the new bus routes which will be added in the timetable and about the 24hour passengers service.


In Forms, the user can read all the forms that Public Bus Service of Chania-Rethymnon publishes.


The user is informed about the ways of communication with our company.In Contact information users can contact us either via email or by telephone using the telephone numbers listed at the bottom right of the page. At Where to find us there are information on where to find the central bus stations in Chania and Rethymnon and the annexes to the rest of Greece. Finally at  the (Send comments), the user can send comments and evaluate our services (Evaluate our service) and our website (Website Rating).



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