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Terms of use of the Transport Service

Terms of use of the Transport Service


  1. Only passengers with a valid ticket have the right to use our means of transport . In the case of electronic ticket, it means that you must present a valid electronic ticket.
  2. Ticket modified or altered in any way and as long as the alteration or amendment has not been made by us, is not considered valid.
  3. Any ticket that was lost or destroyed, wholly or partly, or a ticket that does not contain the necessary vouchers, is not recognized as valid and must be issued again.
  4. The ticket can be used only for the indicated route, which includes the place of departure, the time of departure and the exact destination. The fare paid corresponds to the explicitly described in the ticket transportation.
  5. The ticket is an item of value and therefore the passenger must be stored with care.
    The passenger must carry the ticket during the journey and to present it to the driver or conductor when and if he/she asked.
  6. When the ticket is subject to a discount scheme, the passenger must carry with them the proof of the discount (large family’s card, student card etc.) and presented it whenever requested.
  7. If the passenger has no such card with him/her, he/she must pay the remaining amount.
  8. A case that does not have a card with him will have to pay the remaining amount.
  9. Children up to the age of (6) of their birth are moved free of charge.



  1. The carrying of flammable and explosive materials is strictly prohibited.
  2. The passenger’s baggage is transported FREE of charge with the responsibility of the passenger.
  3. You are kindly requested to write down your personal information on your luggage so that you can recognise them easily and to avoid any discomfort by losing them.
  4.  The staff of our company such as drivers, ticket collectors, ticket publishers οr luggage loaders,  do not know the owners of every luggage, so they are not responsible in case of any loss or their delivery to the wrong person.




  1. The transportation of children up to six (6) years old, without an adult accompanying them is prohibited.
  2. The person accompanying these children is responsible for their safe transport and can take with the child a passenger seat located behind another seat.
  3. Regarding children aged from six (6) to fifteen (15) years, it is allowed for three of them to use a single and backrest seat, as long as it is behind the seat of another passenger.
  4. Children up to the age of (6) of their birth are moved free of charge. If the bus is full and the child's companion wants a place for the child, then you have to pay a full ticket.



  1. Animals transported mandatory within the passenger compartment either in the hallway or on the stairs near the owner.
  2. The weight should be up to ten kilos (10kg)  and transported in special baskets of dimensions 50x40x35 centimeters.
  3. The owner must accompany the animal and carry all the necessary documents concerning the animal, which are updated for the last two years.
  4. The animals which accompany disabled persons , regardless of their size compulsorily transferred into the passenger compartment, close to the owner , not placed in a basket , but must wear a muzzle during transport.Specifically, assistance dogs which carry strap handle can be carried on means of transport, without transport cage and without a muzzle, regardless of their size.
  5. Each bus can carry up to two pets.For your facility,your ticket must be pre-booked  and  you have to indicate that you want to transfer a pet.
  6. The transport of animals, according to the above, is mandatory. As far as these regulations apply, the consent of the driver, owner or other passengers is not necessary andthe penalties are high.
  7. Animals can be transported on the following routes: see here






  1. 70% of the fare is returned to the passenger in case he/she cancels the reservation on a long-distance route, 8 hours minimum before departure, or 50% if cancelation of booking is made within 8 hours before departure time.
  2. The ticket can be amended on the date of travel or transferred to other persons without charge of such persons (in case of a transferring a standard priced ticket to a person entitled to reduced ticket prices or free transportation on the return route, the difference is returned to the original holder of the ticket). In any case (cancellation or change of the destination or itinerary or change of passenger or date change) approval is required on the ticket from the officer's of KTEL CHANIA - RETHIMNON S. A. only.



Our company is obliged to compensate consumers for the following cases:

  1. For lost baggage liability of the transport operator, with minimum amount of compensation 30 €.
  2. Loss of unaccompanied small packages, with minimum amount of compensation 15 €.

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