Gorges of west Crete

Gorges of west Crete




Samaria gorge is located at the municipality of Chania on the mountain range of Lefka Ori. It is 18 km long and it is considered the biggest gorge of Crete and of all Europe according to its length. It has 150 meters width, while its narrowest point, named "Portes", has 3 meters width. It is characterized,since 1962, as the National Park of Greece and it accomodates many endemic birds, rare herbs, plants and different species of animals such as the well-known Cretan Kri Kri. The gorge opens every year on April or May according to the weather conditions. The visitors can reach the gorge by the buses of Public Bus of Chania-Rethimnon from the central station of Chania using the bus routes of Chania-Omalos (Samaria Gorge). The gorge ends up in Agia Roumeli and the visitors are transferred by the ship to Sfakia or Sougia where the bus route Sfakia-Chania transports them to Chania. For more information you can visit the following website: http://www.samaria.gr/language/el/





faragiImvrou The Gorge of Imvros is located at Sfakia, south of Chania. It starts from the small plateau of the village of Imvros and it ends up to the village of Komitades, with the spectacular view to the Libyan Sea. It is 7km long and it is easy to be walked during any period of the year in about 3 hours. It consists of rocky formations, narrow passages and wild vegetation. The best point is in the middle of the trip where the rocks are very close to each other and the distance between them is about 2 meters. On the contrary, in the Samaria Gorge, there are no sources of water. The visitor can go to Sfakia by the bus of Public Bus of Chania-Rethimnon by using the bus route of Chania-Sfakia.





The Gorge of Agia Eirini is located 43 km away from Chania. It is a gorge of unique natural beauty. Its name came from the village of Agia Eirini which is built on its entrance. It is 7,5 km long, part of the European path E4 and the duration of the walk in it is about 3 hours. The seaside village of Sougia, with its infinite beach, is 5 km away from the south entrance of the gorge. The gorge accomodates many species of animals such as the Cretan Kri Kri and many kinds of trees, plants and herbs. The visitor can go to Sougia by the buses of Public Bus Service of Chania-Rethimnon using the bus route Chania-Sougia.













faragi Diktamou

The Gorge of Diktamos is located 21 km from the east side of Chania, near to the village Katochori on 300m height. It is 8 km long and ends up at the east side of the village Faragi on 40m height, near the village Stylos. The walk inside the gorge is about 3 hours and it is not very easy, because there are points that need climbing.The gorge is magical because it is full of greenery with huge trees (called platania) and astirakes (the local herb), while it has many steep slopes, where this local herb of Crete grows. The visitors can go to the gorge by the buses of Public Bus Service of Chania-Rethimnon using the bus route Chania-Keramia.

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